Currently we are on a around-the-word trip which we are documenting on The pages are out-dated. Should I ever have too little to do after our return from our travels, I may get around to putting this content in a CMS, so that I may realisticaly update these pages every now and then.


Welcome to the homepage of Benjamin Streeck. What you will find here: Streeck, Benjamin, Ben, design, web, web-design, internet, internet-design, homepage, homepage-design, jokes, 2000BC, 2000 BC, blog, medicine, Notenrechner

Welcome to my little place on the web. These completely redesigned pages contain a portfolio of my web design work, a selection of my better photography, some information to my person including a bunch of old and fun stuff, and my blog which I hope to use more extensively in the future.

About Me

In order to be "hip" for the self-portraying year 2004 I have decided to publish several pictures of me and my surroundings here on the site. So I took the Personal-section and remodeled it to accomodate the pictures. Enjoy!


USA-Canada 2002

From the middle of Semptember until mid October Raffaela and I car-camped through the States and a little bit of Canada. Even though our travel diary (Deutsch) is in German only, you may still enjoy some of the many pictures we brought back with us.



After finaly adding a page about my abitions in Photography, I am currently trying to finance the replacement of my stolen camera, at which point more pictures will accumulate.


Pimp My Site!

Following my first attempt at table-free-layout design, using standard W3C XHTML 1.1 I am now also trying to give a more modern professional feel. Whether or not I have achived that goal is something you must decide for yourself.

One of my other top priorities was to make these pages GIF-free. PNG is the much superior format offering 4 or 8bit palletts or true-color 16 or 24bit color depth. Not to mention the 8-bit alpha transparency chanel. And the compression is also equal or better then GIFs. And there is no licence/royalty mess. But nothing is perfect: the problem here is once again IE, this time including version 6: there is no support for PNG-transparancy (except when using hacks, which eat bandwidth and always have their limits). I have implemented two such hacks to make the PNGs work with IE, but I'm far from happy having to do that.

In case you are still using the InternetExplorer, and even if the InternetExplorer seems to display these pages adequately, I hope you will take into consideration trying out another browser. Firefox has taken the internet by storm, and as a product of the Mozilla open-souce community it is the safest browser you can find.

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Support: ++ great / + good / o acceptable / - bad / -- horrible
A second value indicates support with browser specific hacks.